Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shyness vs Boldness (4)

Fourth episode of our series where one fighter keep some clothing and the other none. Two sequences: first from Academy SOAP 93 with two of my favorites: Jewell Marceau and Izamar Gutierrez (the one I have never seem the intimate parts); second from California Supreme, with Candi and Francesca (again!).



  1. The second one looks more like Candi vs Santana

  2. Thanks again for sharing these clips. I have a question for your knowledgeable fans: How would the Academy women (or Ultimate Surrender) do in competitive matches against the likes of Ziggy, Xana, Robin, etc.? Some seem quite skilled.

  3. Yes, is Candi vs Santana. Santana is fine but she is really far from the level of Goddess Francesca.