Saturday, July 24, 2010

If You Like It With A Lot Of Knots

Resuming posting - temporarily with weekly updates due to the economic recession, we have an interesting show of creative wrestling holds. If you like your fight with a lot of knots, then Wrestling Honey "The Challenger Returns" with Honey herself and Foxy. The style is similar to the now out-of-business Wrestling Lounge, featuring well staged holds.



  1. Wow , I went nuts over the first part of this clip where they really knotted up their legs. I went to the site ( Thanks for posting the link ) to order it but the site is so vague about everything.

    It doesn't say if you're buying a DVD or a download, etc.

    I'm e-mailing them for info too but thought to ask you also on what you know of ordering from them.

    Thanks for the new site !

  2. I have ever ordered a fight from them, so I cannot say anything about their reliability. The published sample was found on the Web.
    Please, post your experience with them eventually.

  3. Meanwhile I saw 7 videos with Joanna K. aka "Wrestlinghoney" and with a good clean conscience I can say that this videos mostly are not even middle rate. Indeed, Joanny is a cuty and pretty to watch but in wrestling she is a dilettante. My advice: Don't waste your money for thoose third-class videos.

  4. We do like it with loads of knots indeed. Honey rocks in this suit of hers