Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Wrestlers

Not exactling a fighting but a love fighting: that is what SexyFightingzone bring to us in this video with Wenona and Cheyenne. Bodies are fully naked and ripped: it is a pity that wrestling moves are not the main attraction but lesbian ones.

Curiously, known names in the trade are in their stable, like Mutiny (humm... would like to see her in this new role), Zsuzsa, Ariel and Dia Zerva.



  1. It's nice to watch your favorite wrestling ladies make some sweet love :)

    We practically fantasize about it when they're wrestling each other half naked. Might as well let them go all the way.

  2. I'm really no fan of the lezbo crap but its sister sites (Female Wrestling Zone and Mixed Wrestling Zone) are excellent.

    I'll be re-joining FWZ soon and plan to join SFZ; based on the previews it seems probable that at least some of its products of gorgeous naked fem wrestling is absent the lezbo bullshit.

    To each his own ...

  3. Has anyone here joined this site ? There is not much info on the site telling much at all about length of matches, etc.

    Just wondering if it's worth the membership fee when you already have 'proven' sites with the same girls like US and Academy.

    If they want new members you'd think they'd provide you with more info than they do.

  4. I never subscribed to the site: maybe other Blog readers may step up and share their experiences.

  5. The only video I've seen is the one posted on the front page and even that vid looked like it was cut short.

    Other than that, its just another erotic wrestling vid. The video selection on the site is small but I suppose they just got started.

    I guess I would wait and see their library grow before I'd join. There are other sites out there with the same kind of vids with a bigger selection