Friday, September 24, 2010

Wild Bush

In the times when the brazilian wax had not yet been discovered, naked women fighters had to display the full hair below the deck. First sequence is from a Mexican trash movie - "Sexo Contra Sexo", which features two very hot women with an awesome amount of pubic hair - it's the Amazon jungle! Unfortunately, only the catfight's beginning is shown. Second sequence is from Mildred Burke's naked pro-wrestling series and the last one is from APL.


1 comment:

  1. Nice clip !

    Though I love DWW's Tribgirls as they are I would love to see a couple unshaven ones featured in one of their intense trib matches.

    These days it is rare to see a girl with any amount of hair down there.

    On I found an older trib clip I saw years ago where the Latino girl sported a pretty good bush, but it's not too common anymore.

    Nice find ... thanks for posting it :>)