Monday, September 6, 2010

YouTube Niceties

I couldn't help but publish this YouTube clip of a DWW fight with good headscissors at the end... and a glimpse of breasts, too!!! Thanks to YouTube user LovetoBeScissored.


  1. Excellent clip. Many thanks for posting. It always intrigues me that DWW forbids chokeholds but allows the potentially more lethal, and less controllable, neck scissors.

  2. The clip is featuring my favourite DWW's brunette, the slim & sexy Denise vs. her blonde opponent Luzia.
    Very exciting how Luzia forces sexy Denise to show off her slender bod and even her naked breasts in various submission holds! Luzia is very clearly dominating the whole fight but Denise is stealing the show by far and not only by showing us her tight sexy ass... :)