Sunday, October 3, 2010

More On The Shh! Subject

Following the previous post subject, there is another YouTube female fighting clip more unexpected yet. Just watch it.



  1. Oh yeah, this will be up there for a long time. :-) Cali Wildcat vid? YouTube user has some other nice stuff.

  2. I have myself been banished from youtube for showing an odd breast in wrestling action,much to my amusement as here in Europe on one of those rare summer days bare breasts can be seen on public parks and beaches.
    What makes youtube more annoying is that every other prejudice from racism to the homophobia can be found on the site.

  3. For anyone who cares is Precious Pink the same woman who featured in a for the Jerry Springer Show filmed catfight against Blake Mitchell in which Precious kicked Blake's ass and confronted her about it during the this Springer Show on catfighters.