Monday, October 18, 2010

Rare Fighting Video

Theater Two has added the full video (in two parts) of a combat from the legendary Golden Gate tournament held in San Francisco in the 80's. Fast, competitive and sexy: what else can we ask for?

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  1. Funny how you see a wrestler from years gone by and are attracted and wonder as to her skills, and matches she may have had. I have part of that tape and never saw Zory. Then she appears in another clip here vs. Maggie, who is very accomplished (including victories over Beatrice Goffin) and Zory completley dominates the 6 minute clip (though the result I was told was 1-1).....

    So thanks for posting this impressive win.

    Now if only there were more "vintage clip" of length with the likes of Beatrice, Judell, Nancy Skarvan, Joan Wise.... posted....