Thursday, October 28, 2010

Theater Four: FBB Fights

Not many fights to feature in Theater Four, but I was missing this sub-genre of female fights: ripped women displaying their beef in a variety of settings.

Below, we have a classic of this genre with the much commented Sally McNeil of a recent posting against other well known fighter and entrepreneuse, Tigra. I think Sally did very well in this combat. Sporting glutei the size of sequoia trunks in revealing outfits, the fight has also a sexy side. I have 99% of confidence that is an old Kenstar video.



  1. In the theatre does anyone know which website or video the Choke out of Diamond from American Gladiators comes from?

  2. I used to have that vid, too, but for the life of mr I can't remember from where I got it. I want to say Les Femmes Fatales because I think it's a Bill Wick production.

  3. I'm also pretty sure this was Kenstar. I understand Sally and Tigra wrestled twice. The first match (which was part of my collection) was a classic - Tigra dominated early but Sally came on strong. I recall being awed at someone being able to submit Tigra. Tigra won a close match in the end.

    Tigra easily won their second match (which I've never seen).

  4. Geez! Tigra and Sally should have
    wrestled nude in an outdoor setting
    complete with grass and trees in the background. Oiled up and
    huge female muscles pecked to perfection these two ladies would
    have competed in the greatest
    black vs white wrestling contest in
    I thought Sally was the better wrestler and dought that Tigra conquered her in the second match!

  5. Sally McNeil was the greatest female wrestler of all time. I can't watch this match against Tigra without cumming. To watch Sally being dominated by black Tigra makes me speechless, she was literaly unbeatable going into this match. I never thought i'd see sally dominated like this...

  6. OMG what two beautiful big muscular women fighting hard. Shame they were not naked which would have made it even better.