Friday, November 5, 2010

In The Raw For Real (20): Tigra Genesis

Two relatively unknown fighters, Jodi and Talia, are featured in this episode of competitive grappling in the nude. Although not being the most skilled nor the best muscles in the town, the fighters try their best to be the winner. Producer is Tigra Sports - Genesis Series, whose present status (active? defunct? neither one?) is unknown to me.



  1. While the ladystrongstyle blog was active, there was a Ziggy/Dupree topless match, which was very nice. Dupree was no competition, so Ziggy wrestled down. Lots of sensual standup action, sweat dripping from both bodies as they circled each other and locked up.

  2. VERY much alive ! (I'm very pleased to say !)

  3. Very pleased to know you are alive too, Panther...

    Thanks for the information.

    (However, it seems that most of the offer at the Genesis store is old stuff...)