Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Classic

This match is around on the Web but it is always worthwhile to have an additional source. It has Beatrice Goffin against Maggie Leonnie; I have edited the long grueling battle, leaving the highlights in the video below. I have rarely seem that amount of spent energy in a wrestling match.

Please, see comments for clarification.


  1. Thanks for this one,over the years I have seen many still pics of the bout but non can relay the intensity to be seen on film.Since her departure from the scene Beatrice as been greatly missed by fans here in Europe.


  2. Always wish for Beatrice Videos I have not seen, but this is one I have and features not Maggie but Leonie. It is their third meeting, with each having won once. There is some banter (forced), but once the match starts it is all business and their dislike is palpable. Beatrice did tell me this was her one true opponent she disliked. I think they met 7 times.

    Leonie has a few matches available through festelle, but nothing indicating how difficult an opponent she was for Beatrice. While Beatrice fought and dominated in festelle vs. Sherry or Rhea, Leonie fought smaller women. She seemed to bring out the best (or worst) vs. Beatrice. Beatrice also mentioned she had a devastating scissors.

  3. You are right, of course. Thanks.

  4. I must add, this is not a video that needed any editing..... It lasted well over 20 minutes to the 1 fall.... Would have loved to see them continue at least one more.... Exciting and really one of the best ever from the first minute....

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this - I have never seen this match before.

    I love watching Bea - such passion and of course skill. Look at her rocking the body scissors at 3:18 and pushing Leonie's head to the mat repeatedly. At about 4:00 ashe pulls Leonie's head back by the hair to allow her to apply a kind of choke / sleeper.

    Great stuff.

  6. Spectaculat! thanks soooo much for posting this great match! Anyone speak french? what are they saying?

  7. My French is limited but there goes my guess:
    - There are words of incentive to Leonie in mid-fight (her coach?);
    - Beatrice asks many times to Leonie to give up, saying she is going to choke her.
    - At the end, Beatrice asks once more to Leonie to give up.

    Was Ziggy herself who did the comment?