Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old And Very Old

I have found three interesting pins in my files which I put together in the video below. The first is from APL, second is a quite old black & white pro-wrestling but with an amusing way to win a combat, and the third is a sort of ballerina pin.



  1. Good series of pins.

    (I thought that old black-and-white pro segment was really good, too. First time I ever saw that style of pinning ... might have been the first time the fem getting pinned ever experienced it, too.)

    Much Thanks.

  2. Love that ballerina pin! Never heard of it before. Do you have any more clips featuring it?

  3. That's the only one I have. I saw another on the Web a long time ago (Premier Productions?).


  4. I could watch those black and white fights for hours.
    It seems so realistic.

  5. The B&W fights - specially the pros, have a strange quality on their own, a kind of magnetic attraction that cannot be achieved by a modern production.

  6. That Black and White was a really great pin.. Really effective an erotic.. The dominate one, was featured in film, Lipstick and dynamite... Look it up... Hew females should learn it.. Great in the nude move..