Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tapping Out (17): What A Bodies!

In this issue of Tapping Out, we can watch what we miss from the old times of Video Sports Limited, where voluptuous bodies engaged in fully competitive fights. With good production standards, camera work and video quality, they stay as an outstanding producer even when compared against today video makers.

If you want to grab the full video, this scene is on VSL V079 Novice Lightweight Round Robin Tournament; the blond fighter is Cherry Monroe and the brunette is nothing less than Jewell Marceau in her early years; Devon Michaels ! complete the busty trio.



  1. Did I miss Devon Michaels in that one? I didn't see her. Great as always, though!


  2. Devon is on another fight in the same tape.

  3. Beautiful girls, sensational bodies, good fight and a submission by the normally forbidden choke hold. Fantastic clip. Thank you.


  4. This was a great series. Another vid from that era features Hurrican Havana, Nadege, and Amy. Amazingly sweaty, nonstop, topless action.


  5. I've bought several products from Video Sports Ltd and rank them at the top of first-class producers.

    Marty's products will always be in demand.

    You might think I'm just on a treadmill with my constant praise for those producers who deserve it but at least I'm innocent of ever exaggerating:

    Great women and competitors in all of VSL's events, period.

  6. One of my first tapes was VSL - Middleweights or something. I've heard a lot about Summer Sweat - three incredible women (all great wrestlers and impossibly sexy.)

    Hurricane Havana has never been afraid of fighting anyone, any style. She had a vicious catfight match against Lady Ellen for Carolina Catfights and seemed to do very well against Sybil Starr.

  7. Hard to believe VSL quit doing wrestling because of poor sales. What the hell did a female wrestling fan want ... VSL had it all.

    This clip was from a video called ' Lightweight Round Robin ' with Cherry, Devon and Jewell.

    The one with Nadege, Amy, Havanna and Tia was called 'Summer Sweat ; The Lightweight Ordeal'. Both were great videos but Summer Sweat was one of the best ever with the long , hard fought draw between Nadege and Amy.

    I believe these two were the last ones VSL produced.

  8. Cherry Monroe - Jewell Marceau: Very clearly 1 - 0
    Nice fight, tough winner, beautiful loser!