Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Moments In Female Fighting (1): Lovely Hug

It was surely competitive, but at the same time these gorgeous bodies got entangled in a such way that seemed a staged lesbian wrestling. The scenes are from DWW FOM-267 between Simona and Dana.



  1. good stuff! NICE bodies! but still waiting for good breast to breast and crotch to crotch action! However, i know you face limitations as to what you can post because of agreements with producers. Yet I would love to see a good segment of either or both of the following if you can arrange it: Napoli's "The Fine Art of Hair-Pulling" (especially scene(s) where ladies go breast to breast) and CW's "toys From HELL" especially any breast to breast in that battle. But if you can't, i still appreciate all you do.

  2. I was always interested in seeing Toys From Hell because I heard there was a lot of leg wrestling in it as well ... I wish CW had more samples of it on their site.