Thursday, January 20, 2011

(Im)Possible Holds

Three examples of scientific holds which require blue prints and tight execution: two from Wrestling Honey with the hot Mutiny and one from Slamming Ladies (very rare to watch, this last one).



  1. Hey, I really love your blog. You post excellent material :).
    One question though..if you could, could you post some wrestling with some spanking in it? Like, girls spanking other girls in the wrestling?

  2. Hi, moose9045, thanks for your comment.

    Spanking is not really within my fetishes list. Even in a wrestling bout.

  3. Ok, could you at least give me the links to some spanking wrestling action? I'm sure you know where some are, you're like the don of female erotic wrestling :P.

  4. My dear moose9045, if I were a fan I would have a lot of wrestling spanking links. Anyway, I have some starting points:,10

  5. Superb second clip, especially the squealing of the lady on the receiving end of this wicked hold....

    Stevie O