Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It Is Unforgivable...

... that I have never mentioned ECNWC here in the Blog after almost three years of activities. They are one of the best producers of competitive catfights, with a large catalog of fights featuring fighters with plenty of flesh and will. To try to fix this shortcoming, here goes a sample of the video CF-32, where those atributes can be seen.



  1. Glad you mentioned them !! IMO they have the best catfighting stuff I've seen along with Fighting Style. These guys don't have the state-of-the-art filming equipment however so you don't have that HD look, but the intimacy is better than any - you feel like you're right in the room.

    The example you gave, Video 32 'Three Shorter Fights' is my absolute favorite and is the one that made me a catfight fan as I was only into female wrestling before. Three classic fights including the Jenn/Vira ass kicking that launched their 'careers' and that last one shown here has VERY BRUTAL crotch attacks that had the blond screaming and quitting within minutes ... almost scary it is so intense.

    Another classic for those who haven't seen their stuff is Vira vs Summer . I just wish I could get around the problem of their DVD's skipping and freezing on my player and computer or I'd own everything they've done. Great people to deal with also.

    ECNWC aren't mentioned enough in the FF circle and deserve some attention.


  2. I sure wish they offered downloads!

  3. More samples


  4. Vira = 5'6" & 130 lb's vs Jenn @ 5'1" & 115 lb's but Jenn had more HEART