Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ok, If I Can Fulfill A Request...

... why not? Some of you have asked for samples of boobies matches and, specifically, from "Toys from Hell", from California Wildcats. By chance, the video was not far away from my hands and I was able to produce an extract. So, there goes this vintage match (almost 20 years old) with Jsae and Melinda. By the way, I used to prefer Jsae in her competitive bouts for Video Sports.

But, please, do not get used with this sort of answer to your requests...



  1. thank you very much for posting clips of "toys from hell". Love seeing Jsae with her perfect tits in battle. There is one seen which I think is very sexy in this video that you did not include. I have seen part of it in CW's preview. I believe it is near the end of the video when Jsae is about to pin her opponent. Jsae tits are on top or nearly on top of the blonds'. Hope you may post it sometime. Thanks again!

  2. Lovely sexy skin & trim bodies both! And topless... always the best! Great clip thanks! :)

  3. Thanks for filling the request for a clip of this CW production :>)