Friday, January 28, 2011

They Could Spare A Few Pounds

They are voluptuous but it would be better yet if they loose a few pounds. Anyway, I know that is another sub-genre - bigger women, in the realm of female fighting. It is an WeBringIt production - "Apartment Quarrel", with the well known Dakota against Jenn.



  1. I definitely take exception to the assertion that "they need to lose a few pounds." They may not be body builders, but they are both curvy and well put together IMHO. Great clip I must say, as I do own this vid.

  2. Personally I like to see women catfighters with meat 'round their waist and thighs.
    But thinner, skinnier women certainly do have also their charms during fighting when their usually nicely pronounced muscles and their body structure becomes visible during the holds...
    Guess it's all just a matter of personal taste and appreciation!

  3. I'll take women of this size anyday over the skinny, waif types. A woman with a healthy body weight is much more sexy IMO.