Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Time, I Will Do It Rightly...

It is Beatrice Goffin again, and this time, I am pretty sure, against Sheila, from Spain, in Festelle FV-42 video. It has also our old friend, Jeff, the Ref.



  1. Another Beatrice seeming easy victory..... Always appreciated, though longer clips are wanted.... I think I read that Sheila was the "Spanish Champ", which right or wrong always adds interest to these matches.

    I will say however like some other Festelle I have seen (short and full matches), they seem to lack any real "heat" or tension.

  2. Sheila, not the best opponent for Béatrice. Béatrice demonstrates her strenghtes and Sheila finds no opportunity to jeopardize the Belgian veteran. Sheila looks like a learner who makes her first public fight.

  3. Does anyone have a clip of Beatrice's catfight with Sheila ?