Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Favorite Pro Matches (Part 1)

A long time ago, Mildred Burke did an incursion in the nude wrestling arena (was she the first one?) with a series of fights between the wrestlers of her regular pro wrestling productions - which added more interest yet to the Super-8 movies. To me, the greater excitement of these bouts comes from the fact that the wrestlers follows the plain script for a woman pro match of that times, merging throws, punches and holds until a submission is accomplished.

Even with those rudimentary shooting conditions, it is still worthing today spending time watching the fights. In several moments, it is very likely that there is a director´s command saying to the girls to move her bodies to make for a better camera´s angle.

I really think there is a business opportunity for producers to taking back this female fighting style to fans. The likes of Ultimate Surrender, Nude Fight Club and others put much weight on the porn side and do not exploit the eroticism of the old pro-wrestling.

The video has a selection of the best moments of several fights. The full movie might be found in resellers around the Web.



  1. I totally agree with your comments about this style of match. Someday, somewhere, someone will persuade a pair of female pro wrestlers to do a naked match (with just boots), with a referee (and ideally an audience, but that is asking a lot)in high definition video and we will have the ideal match that I have sought for 30 years. I have these Burke matches and lately the NWWL, led by the marvellous Annie Social, came very close to the ideal, but the best is yet to come.

  2. Thought that was a superb clip.

    Any idea what the full movie or video was ?

    (BTW, any sound in this ? ... Didn't hear any ...)

    Never knew Mildred Burke and her fem wrestling team did any nude events (Hey ! ... You learn something new every day ! ...)

    This should finally support the assertion that nude women's pro wrestling can be really well-done without being pornographic (which, when added, I think is greatly on the bullshit side, anyhow).

    Copy Oreganphil's wishes about a hi-def event for me, too. I'd only say for my likes leave the frickin' boots or shoes off, imho.

    Again, great clip.

  3. Hi, Oreganphil, Panther100

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, folks, the clip has no sound (it was shot in the silent movies era (LOL)). The video is part of a compilation of several fights which are available at pay-per-view/download sites of catfight movies (please, see links on the Blog page), probably in the vintage section.
    As to the boots, I am with Panther100.

  4. Excellent. Can't wait for part two. I, for one, like it when the women involved look like real women and not little girls with fake breasts and no genital hair. Nice job. Keep it up.

  5. Great stuff, made even better that these were trained pro wrestlers (was the blonde Cheryl Day?). Burke's women were easily the match of Moolah's women in this era - hard (painful actually) to picture Moolah and Donna Christanello nude!)

    Oreganphil, who would be your choice of female wrestlers to do such a match?


  6. Mark,

    I don't watch female pro wrestling these days because of the hype that surrounds a match (and the outfits they mostly wear), so I don't know many who are active at present. Annie Social has proved she can do the job. Possibly the Girlie-Girl crew (Frankie, Christie and Shelly)would be good, but basically it's finding two reasonably attractive girls who are willing. The important thing is that they have been trained professionally and know how to 'sell' the action sequences and pin attempts.

  7. Thanks Oreganphil. The NWWL had a match between Melissa Coates and April Hunter - imagine how good that could have been (I rather like the FBB look).It wasn't to be, as they really spent most of the match gently caressing each other (not that there's anything wrong with that).


  8. Yes Mark, that could have been the ideal, but April was still nursing a broken nose suffered in a training accident and that was the best they could do under the circumstances. She would certainly be welcome on any future naked wrestling card though!