Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sexy Gloves

Theater Three has now clips on female boxing with an erotic accent since only topless and/or thong fighters have been selected. On the fully competitive side, I have posted the video sample below from the legendary Women Warriors with Christine Dupree against the (mean) Sally McNeil.



  1. This was a classic match. I had to give the decision to Christien, clearly a better boxer but (mean) Sally was a bulldog.

    Don't you think she would have loved MMA-style matches?


  2. Did you mean you were the lucky guy who witnessed the match? And the wrestling matches: did you watch them in person?

    As to your question about Sally: absolutely! She would have loved MMA; however, I guess she would be expelled quite soon from the circuit due to "use of illegal maneuvers" (LOL)

  3. Hi Astrogalo,

    Sorry to have mislead you - I wasn't the lucky guy at this taping :(

    As I recall the wrestling portion Sally was just too strong for Christine and I think easily won.

    That's funny about the illegal manoeuvers - but probably true

  4. Not sure if my last oost got through.

    Sorry to mislead you but I wasn't the lucky guy :( If I recall the wrestling portion, Sally was just too strong for Christine - can't remember if Christine was allowed to use her chokes and joint locks -a good equalizer.

    Funny comment about Sally using illegal manoeuvers - and probably very true!