Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Was That Girl?

Who was the lovelly and slim brunette - looking barely over 18 years old, thoroughly beaten by a larger and voluptuous opponent in the video below, who would become a legend in the female fighting business later on?



  1. Robin, I guess. And the topless opponent was Erika (I think). The blue/yellow striped mat indicates the fight tookplace about 30 years ago at the Joan Wise Studio.

  2. Yes, we have a winner! It is really Robin in a "jobber" role against Erika for the venerable Joan Wise decades ago. If we do the math, Robin should be on her fifties nowadays, with one the longest careers in the business; it is quite impressive!

  3. have to say Robin was/is cute no matter what her age! always in shape and always had a nice body. Saw her in another old Joan wise vid against Tracy---Robin won.

  4. I thought it may have been her!

    I guess everyone starts out as a jobber :)

    I recently saw an old video with Ziggy, Kristie, Bea Goffin etc. and they gave their ages. If my match is correct, Ziggy is now 48 and also looks fantastic.