Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Fight Club

One of my favorites comics in the past was "Societé de Lutte", created by Glynn (?) and published by Bellstone / California Supreme. A few stories have been published, all very well conceived and rendered.



  1. All those Bellstone/California Supreme artists must have had genius. I didn't really know much about their comics till I saw some samples online.

    Then I ended up buying them.

    Some of the scenes were a bit too strong for my likes on the porn side but otherwise absolutely first-class renditions, period.

  2. Fantastic stuff. It's a pity
    C.S. does not offer the comics
    for downloading. Anyone that
    knows if and where this is

  3. This nudefighting comics is among
    the best i have ever seen. Unfortunately the low level of
    resolution in these examples
    makes it very difficult to read
    the text, so please give us a
    link to where we can download

  4. Thanks for the comments: as usual, they are important to fix errors and omissions. I hope the baloons be readable now.


  5. Sorry, the resolution is still bad. The first examples are
    readable but later on they are
    not. Hope You can fix it because
    the comments are of course very important.