Sunday, March 20, 2011

Figures, Stats And Results

After trying several web visits counters with the same unreliable results, I have decided to count on Google itself. The trouble is the available gadget counts page views and not the visits themselves. Anyway, I have started to use it; the number displayed there is the accumulated value for the last four months or so.

By the way, for the record, from April 2, 2008 until today, this Blog got some 1,080,000 visits.



  1. I don't know whether you were a visitor to the infamous 'Barb's Board' but that was everyones first stop when you went to see what was up in the FF community.

    With that no longer an option, this is the first place I check everyday. The popularity of your blog doesn't surprise me, you do a great job.

    Where you come up with some of the clips is beyond me. Everything I find happens to be by accident but you seem have a 'system' that works as many times you've filled requests in record time.

    Thanks for the great blog ! :>)

  2. I have to agree,I have tried a number of counters(pun)with the same doubtful results.Why???Many would say it's a form of vanity.No!!!I'm sure that you like me often wonder if the time involved reflects in the numbers viewing your thoughts,as the comment we get is only a small percentage of the figures.


  3. I used to be a faithful Barb´s Board visitor and I miss that site. Yes, I do have a "system" in place, which is, basically: get everything you can grab on the Web, organize it and re-distribute. Thanks for your kind remarks.

    Klaus, the counters are also a form of vanity but also a mechanism to check if we are in the right direction (maybe it has to do with my professional skills.) In the beginning, this Blog was just a hobby to me; as the audience got bigger, I got a sort of obligation to keep it on the right track since I felt it was useful to somebody else. As to the number of comments, I think the figures are within the usual marks for this type of site.

    Thanks again

  4. I would also like to thank you for your incredible work. I seem to recall you telling us a while back that you were going to slow down?!?!

  5. Last year, the posting rate was about 2, 3 posts a week. Now is back to once a day.

    Thanks for the kind comments.