Saturday, March 12, 2011

In The WeightWatchers Prospect List

There is just one thing in common between these two videos: all the catfighters could benefit from dieting and working out. But while the first - APL 382 Rachel vs Stacey, is a mere rolling around in the nude with some face sitting, the second one - Fighting Wildcats Kelly vs Ellen, is a true and gruesome fight with two rounds: either one has plenty of punches, hair grabs, scratches and a particular move in the adversary pudenda by the less capable fighter.



  1. I am interested in getting the full APL 382 match, but they no longer have it on the APL site. Do you know how I can get it from you or another source? Thanks

  2. It is one of the strangest things with APL: why don´t they offer anymore the old videos? Maybe Ana Paula Leal could answer that...

  3. I believe she sold the rights to her old videos. You can find most of the on