Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notes From Hell

That small ring on the basement of a night club in New York City was (in)famous for the raunchy catfights which used to happen there regularly in the 80´s (?). Videos were sold by Crystal Films under the very appropriate name of Catfights From Hell: here comes two samples of the activities which left many women with severe bruises and pains in the body.



  1. these are very sexy fights. how can i download them from your site?

    Martha Stewart

  2. There are several browser add-ons that make possible to download streaming videos like the ones in the Blog. RealPlayer ( works for me when I use Internet Explorer.

  3. Down and dirty, sexy and hot real women letting it all hang out. Long live the Hellfire catfights. God - someone should bring that club back to life. They'd make some big bucks. These are fantastic and this is a great post today. Thanks so much.

  4. With so many guys visiting this site, are there any of you that have attended one of these Hell Fire Club events ?

    I'm wondering how long they were in existence and how you knew of them . With all the stuff I read concerning female wrestling back then, I never saw an advertisement for it .... or was it a very private affair ?

  5. From what I've read, the Hellfire Club events were basically private events in New York, NY and were held for a hell of a long time year-after-year in the (late ?) '80's and in the '90's.

    I highly admired the women who took part and yes, there were decent rules to prevent bad injury (after all, if you're injured you can't compete and if you can't compete that's obviously bad for business).

    I bought some hard-cover magazines a few yrs. ago that frequently featured these events from the past: great stories, interviews and photos. They may have been from some years ago but the events were terrific. Good, skilled or semi-skilled women in decent competitive events. Long on determination, short (if any) on any dumb-ass sex fighting, and always wanting to give the fan's their money's worth.

    Real champions all the way around.

  6. please I would be very thankful if u upload the full fight of vickie and ginger

  7. Does anyone know what happened to miss v? She was my favourite