Monday, March 28, 2011

Old And New Things

The old thing is this vintage black & white movie, which begins by a strip tease of the catfighters. For some unclear reason, I have found worthwhile to publish it here; it might be just the lack of other subjects, though (lol).

The new thing is that, for the first time, I have posted a full movie here; should anybody feel that violates some copyright, please, let me know.



  1. Though the action is never great, I still LOVE seeing these old, vintage B&W clips. It's interesting to me to see just what material was around when I was just a kid dreaming about this stuff, convinced I was the only nut-case in the world thinking about women wrestling and cat fighting.

    I especially like seeing clips from the 50's with the clothes and hairstyles of those days but the action seems like it was always a giggling, roll-around.

    I've often considered having a custom match done with the women made up like this, but I think the only producer that could really do it justice would be California Wildcats. Unfortunately their custom stuff was always way above my budget :>(

  2. Same thoughts, my friend, same thoughts...

  3. This ' 50's-style vintage stuff is the reason I like Stanton's cartoons so much. They were drawn in those times and so many stories have these women dressed in sexy seamed stockings, heels, skirts etc., engaging each other in wrestling holds and pulling hair just the way my demented young mind imagined women would do way back when :>)

  4. Excellent. Doubt anyone will claim it and make you pull it off your excellent site. Keep it up.

  5. Great. Upgrade would have been a face up pin at the end. Keep posting these vintage, nude bouts. Wonderful trip down memory lane.

  6. I don't know if the producers still exist to make you pull it off or not, but maybe Abba may come along and make you pull it for using their music (or the producers not getting permission) to use the music heard in the video.