Monday, March 14, 2011

Schoolgirl Variations

An wrestling pin is a pin but there are several variations for the outcome: the winning girl can stay there forever, move to a face sitting, allow a reversal and ... getting a fall. All of these are in the video below (kind of...). I do not know the source of the first segment, though; others are from TPC, FoxyCombat and DWW.

Video removed by copyright owner request (Foxy Combat)


  1. The first segment is from MWU, the black girl being Lee Ann Ward, aka 'Dark Angel'. She used to wrestle for Flamingo as 'Tiffany'. The blonde underneath her may be Shannon Lee.

  2. The segment is from DWW-227. It is
    a sponsored tournament an this is
    from the final between Anna L and
    Anikoe. The wrestler shall make the
    opponent submit with a schoolgirl
    like pin.There is NO sex here and the fight is among the two or three
    best most competitive and intense nudewrestlingfights i've ever seen.
    No giggling no roling around. They
    make great effort to avoid the
    humiliating pin and win the first
    price money. Their muscles ripple and
    the effort makes them breath hard.
    I write this just to tip people that like me seek this very rare
    thing: Nude Amazons in war with each other!
    A have NO economical or other engagement in DWW or any other

  3. Thanks everybody for the useful information about the video.