Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today: A Mixed Bag

I am not sure, but I think Beatrice Goffin vs Ali was a missing fight in our menu; well, it is available now on Theater Two, along with other updates there, always with long duration clips, if not the whole fight.

Changing of subject (and to include an image as usual here...), what do you think of watching a fight betweenthese two below - Jade and Samantha, instead of our traditional characters, Becky and Trisha?



  1. Staged or not, Béatrice shows her full repertoire of strength, stamina and technical skills against an outgunned ALi.
    No doubt, Béatrice is the doyenne of female wrestling.
    I do hope much more footings of Beatrice will be published in the next days.

  2. one vote here for Jade and Samantha! Racy outfits and you can't go wrong with black vs white