Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Lovely Fight

I was looking for a complete version of this catfight since a long time ago. Recently, I was able to find a copy and, with a little bit of remastering, has become acceptable. It features the weird Jasmine against the heroine Jacqueline (fought for Video Sports and Women Warriors) disputing the love of an young beauty. It has two parts due to the video size which contains the full fight (you don´t care missing the lesbian scenes, do you?)



  1. as tony the tiger would say "G-R-E-A-T!!" stuff!! Your fans of sexfights may want to check out "old sexfight video with no sound" on xnxx.com. This looks like an old John McCain titfight/sexfight video which has never been on intenet before (I do believe). Still waiting for you to post scene in "Toys from Hell" when Jasae gets ready to pin blond with her tits coming down on blond's shoulder/tit area---real sexy sequence!!

  2. Excellent find. Thanks. Much appreciated.

  3. Definitely not my kind of stuff. However, Jasmine, who was and perhaps remains German, did engage in some genuinely full-on matches against some very good fighters, including Raquel, Ziggy and Lee Price. Although she usually lost to such opposition, she always put on a good show.

  4. Although there were a just a few scenes that were asinine (e.g.: some below-the-belt hair-pulling, face-licking at the very end) it was overall really good.

    I like the bathing suit, topless or nude much better but even with the attire they were wearing it was a good event. (The only other observation I can think of offhand is I need to apply some tattoo remover, big-time.)

    There were no real injuries here (which is good); just good, ongoing competitive effort.

    Both fems were winners and champs, imho.