Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sixties Also Had Nudies In The Movies!

Three movies: "Mr. Mari´s Girls" (1967), "Up The MacGregors" (1967) and "Acid Eaters" (1968), with very distinct (un)qualities but with interesting catfights, including nudies in the first and the last case.


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  1. Well, you have your 'good vintage' like the stuff posted the other day ... and you have your 'bad vintage' like these , LOL.

    When I was a kid looking through the TV Guide for a movie that was supposed to have a girl fight, this was the kind of stuff I'd end up being rewarded with for staying up all night waiting for the fight scene !

    Who would have ever guessed us nuts would have it made like we do now ?? At the touch of a button you pretty much have what ever you want to see , whenever you want to see it :>)

    Sure beats those TV Guide days , doesn't it ?