Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Angering The Gods

That is the title of a short movie produced by Kung Fu Femmes, a company specialized in promotional media with female fights as the main subject. Most of its output uses some kind of weapons - which is off-scope of this Blog, but "Angering the Gods" has hand to hand combats.



  1. good day. I was wondering if there were any tit fight fans out there like myself who would like to see more tit fight segments here? I just watched Summer knight and Stpehanie Rage in a tit fight in pool in "Underwater Vixens". Beautiful voluptuous women going at it tit to tit! And what about Step Rage battering Micki Marsaille tits with her tits in "Big Boob Conflict" ! Or Ashley Gere's tits overcoming Joi reno's in "Bikini Brats"! Or Tushima slapping around Joi's tits (before implants) with her tits in "The Challenge of Tushima"! I know these are all Napoli videos. But I don't care where the tit fights come from--as long as the tits are nice and real looking on both girls. Any fans of tit fights like me please stand up and be counted!!!

  2. A very nice sleeper / rear naked choke at about 6:40.