Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fighting Star (17): The Hardworker

If I had decided to extract ten seconds of each movie Mutiny participated in her career, the sample below would have hours of fighting. She is one of my favorites because of the cheerful way she engages in the sport and, of course, also because she has one of the most desirable bodies of the trade (alas, I think have no chance due to her sexual orientation...).
Canadian, from the province of Quebec, she still is in her twenties, having a prospective long career. Even young, she has already fought for AFWrestling, APL, Back Alley Gym, Female Wrestling Zone, Fighting Style, Wrestling Honey, FemWin, SleeperKid, Southern Belles - just the ones I could identify, besides her company, Mutiny Wrestling. As to styles and outfits, she prefers... all of them: pro-wrestling with swimsuits, erotic with bare skin, semi-competitive with one inch thongs, competitive in bikinis and the list goes on. Blonde in most fights, brunette in some, I have preferred to pay attention to other regions of that gorgeous body...

As to the wrestling capabilities, I do not think she is in the same league as others stars like Xana, Nadege: watch her against these two and also Robin and Zsuzsa below.

She has her company web site well and alive here besides her Clips4sale store and Yahoo Group.

So much to exhibit that I had to split the images in two parts: first one has our heroine against Ana (APL 310), Kristiana (MW 149), Raquel in a belly punching (MW 14), Dora (APL 299), Robin (Les Femmes Fatales), Xana (MW), Honey (two matches for Wrestling Honey), Summer (Back Alley Gym), Flame Dragon, in a very erotic match (APL 319) and Vanda in a semi-competitive nude match (Fighting Style).

The second part has Mutiny against Holly (MW), Lina (Female Wrestling Zone), Melina in a night outdoor fight (Fighting Style), Leyla at the beach (Fighting Style), Christine Dupree (APL 478), Zsuzsa (FemWin), Nadege in a erotic fight (APL 501) and in a homage to catfights of old times (SleeperKid).



  1. She is something special (and a fellow Canadian!) I prefer her competitive stuff, and she has got much better. Still has a tendency to get caught in BJJ holds but she is still learning.

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