Saturday, May 14, 2011

In The Raw For Real (23): The Reliable Tigra

Tigra Genesis has been one of the most reliable suppliers of naked competitive bouts, whatever the style and strength of the involved wrestlers. Here we have Grace - a strong personality, against River, not much known in the business and facing a bigger foe.



  1. River - "not much known in the business"! I presume you must have been on some intergalactic mission over the past seven or eight years? River and Grace both came out of Helen Von Mott's formidable Virago stable and River's BJJ expertise and defensive skills made her almost unbeatable. Her only defeat that I can recall was a surprise one, to Kyla Luciano. She and Grace were an 'item' at that time.

  2. Nice bout. Thanks again.

  3. Grace, one of all time favourites. That great naturally sexy body; no enhancement or shaving. She is ahead of her time. Wlould love to see her at Ulimate or back at the academy. She should appear much more. Love to see her against Isamar top or bottom. What is that weird martial art hand move she does...its annoying.

  4. There are at least four matches between River and Grace. One in a four way tournament from VSL, second is this one shown here, third from academy wrestling ACA194 I think where Grace really gets stripped and dominated by River and a four one with Grace wearing blue bottoms, a white top and ponytail grappling seriously and intensly with River. It was on YouTube for a few months then suddenly removed for being sexual around 2014 which is odd because out of the four this one seemed most like a sports contest. River is very skilled but Grace is so sexy. The moaning, the struggling,natural body, etc. She is also in APL. Love her work. She needs more. Amazing lady!

    1. Yeah; I know the YOUTUBE video you are talking about. Good match between Grace and River. It was a sexy match but certainly NOT sexual. Some idiot at youtube removed it. You should have downloaded it because that was the last we have seen of Grace up to now. There are some APL shoots with Kristie. So look for her in a white top and blue bottoms; that's the one.

  5. You are missing a few matches between Grace and River; look for the most recent with Grace wearing a white top and blue bottom. She looks amazing as her rivalry with River continues -plus this one is in high definition.