Monday, June 20, 2011

Fighting Star (18): The Multifaceted Fighter

I always have had a crush on Orsi, the beautiful clean-face Hungarian wrestler who started quite young her fighting career in Europe. Born in 1986, she has already an impressive résumé, mostly with DWW.

Together with this teenage spontaneous smile, she had impressive competitive fights, where she could show her signature moves, a side headlock and a cross-pin, which gave her many falls in real combats. She has put strong opponents, like Zsuzsa, in trouble with her combination of strength and skill.

As her career progressed, she eventually entered in the realm of fantasy fighting and later on, fortunately or unfortunately (it is a matter of personal taste), in the erotic side of female fighting with one or two appearances at Trib Girls. To my surprise, she has recently appeared at the Nude Fight Club (as Brandy Smile, what else could be?) doing what they expected the fighters to do. At least, she did not use the customary fighting "weapons" employed by the winners at the end of the fights.

Nowadays, you may also find Orsi in the mixed fighting business, with a quite updated look, as shown in the image on the left.

Folks, what a change from the picture above!

The Orsi fighting summary below contains segments from the following videos and opponents: DWW-390 (Suparni), DWW Movies 45 (Sofie), DWW 403 (Viktoria M.), DWW 432 (Angie), DWW 396 (Vladka N.), DWW Movies 28 (Viktoria M., an interesting super wedgie challenge), DWW? (Giulia), Female Wrestling Zone (Zsuzsa), DWW TribGirls (?,?) and Nude Fight Club (Lioness).

Note: there is another Orsi in the female wrestling world, also Hungarian, young and pretty; sometimes is difficult to say who´s who because those girls change hair color as they change thongs; "my" Orsi is known as Orsi B. and the "other" is Orsi S.


  1. I have often said that in these more difficult times for finances a girl could pay for her holidays with her talent for fighting.Beside the outfits you have noticed Orsi as also appeared for Monica's outfit in London.

  2. The 'Orsi' who has appeared for Monika is in fact Orsi S, not Orsi B (the girl featured in this clip). To complicate matters further, I notice that European Fight Club is now sometimes billing Orsi B as 'Orsolya', the fairly common Hungarian name of which 'Orsi' is usually a diminutive.

  3. Where did you get the clip of Orsi vs Viktoria M in the "super wedgie" one pieces? I've been looking for that for a long time. Bravo to you.

  4. I have the full movie, bought a long time ago.

  5. IMO, Orsi B's wrestling technique has never improved, which is why she has acquired little standing competitively and now appears to be focussing on the sexual side. Although Orsi S needs to be more aggressive,she is certainly credible competitively and is likely to become the more so the longer she spends in London with Monica.