Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just Muscles Will Not Make It

Looking at the towering muscles of Anita D. below, one would expect that few adversaries would cope with her in a fully competitive match. But Bea shows what a skilled wrestler (strong too, of course) can do in those cases. The video is DWW Movies-133.


  1. Very nice strength - skill matchup. And yes, skill wil usually win. Notice the way Bea even trapped the musclewoman's arms between her legs, making the headlock even more difficult to escape from.

    Does anyone know the final result of this match?


  2. Making another exception, I will tell you: Bea, by an overwhelming advantage.

  3. anita had no answer to bea.

  4. Thanks Astrogalo. I would have thought that Bea overwhelmed.

    It muts ahve been humilating to Anita. Clearly bigger and stronger (a swimmer perhaps?) they could have wrestled all night with likely the same outcome.