Thursday, June 30, 2011

Passage Of Time: More On The Subject

The same idea forty years later: two beautiful women fighting in sexy outfits in a pro-wrestling set for an hired audience. Mildred Burke did that in the 70s and another producer (?) more or less adapted that for our times. Budget was scarce, so Mildred borrowed the spectators from another movie; the more recent fight had the money to put a dozen guys to watch the today´s beauties. By the way, those ones have enhanced breasts which are displayed right at the beginning. Anyway, I still have a crush on Casey Carr (the girl with a red bikini on Mildred´s); if you wanna see her against the very same Cheryl Day in more revealing clothing, look at this previous post at about 05m:00s.

The sample below has intermixed scenes of both videos.


  1. I find the old Burke stuff fascinating. I also love pro wrestling and to see two very qualfied and well-known pros (Carr and Day) wrestling in bikinis, well...

    I wonder if any lost tapes of Moolah wrestling Judy Martin like this will ever surface :)


  2. Good work on this one. I like the sound effects you added to the vintage one when the girl with the larger breasts is getting them slapped. The vid of the Asian woman grimacing was a nice tough.

  3. Where can i get the nude in ring matches like casey carr lynn black

    1. Much of Mildred nude fights are available here on the Blog: just look for Mildred Burke tag on the page left column.