Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Staring Down, Punching And Kicking

For the hardcore fans of pre-match staring down of fighters, here goes a small jewell from Japan.



  1. thx man,

    looks like a real fight

    do you know the name of the company ?


  2. Unfortunately, I do not have the source of this video.

  3. From the Japanese BabeFight series - should show up on a Google search or on Dailymotion

  4. hey man

    thx for your answer.

    I think in the right corner is a logo,

    but i cant read it its to small.

    thx anyway

  5. I think that logo in the corner is just an overlay from the edit software that was used to capture the videos. These weren't regular commercial productions - they were sponsored by a private club in Japan called FFC. I have only seen the 6 in the series that are available on a few video sites....don't know if they are producing any more but I suspect not. grab them & enjoy them while you can.


  6. Thanks for the wealth of the information. Yes, the logo at the top right was created by the editing software.

    A general comment about fights produced in Japan: it is not easy to find the full fights because there are dozens of producers there and most of them do not have pages in English. Just give a look at the Female Fight Fan page for japanese sites:

    More help will be welcomed, specially from our english-speaking Japanese readers.

  7. thx men, good blog

    the problem with japan fight is that 99% are fake and perhaps with Sxx. and then to top my pain
    they are PIXELED.
    if anyone knows a site were i can get REAL fights of japan i would be very glad