Thursday, July 28, 2011

Battle Of Stars (31): Robin vs Raven Again!

This time in another setting - Women Warriors rather than California Supreme, Robin has a chance of getting even  with Raven - not in full nude, unfortunately (does anybody has any picture of Robin au naturel?)

It appears to be one of the best fights for the blonde star but I do not have the full fight let alone the name of the winner.



  1. Robin has never gone fully nude and in fact it was some years before she was persuaded to go topless on camera.

  2. I think Robin won 3-0. The clip shows 2 of the submissions.
    I liked Robin much better in the old days, pre-boob job.

  3. Robin and Raven (aka Nancy) also fought a great wrestling match for Video Sports. Raven looked physically stronger and scored a decisive win over Robin this time around.