Monday, July 18, 2011

Flesh & Ink

Does an artist can teach pro wrestlers how to execute an exquisite hold? Tylene and Emily, fighting in a Double Trouble production, stage a ceiling hold, a move where the Japanese fighters excel. The naked beauties try hard but the result is somewhat cumbersome. 

To compare, I have inserted into the movie three pages of drawings by Kazetanuki, from his series Paradise Dolls:  much more precise, don´t you think?



  1. I prefer the nude women.

  2. Incredibly sexy hold. Would love to see all girls who wrestle nude, to be on the receiving end of this hold. So far from DT we have seen Emily, who does look amazing, also Melissa Jacobs. Also very impressive. Would love to see Tylene or Celeste Starr next. Perhaps by Sandy White? Now we are talking???

  3. Just a fantastic hold.Love the cries of submission along with the view