Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missing Piece

After having prepared the recent post on catfights in the movies, I noticed an unforgivable gap in this female fighting blog: no mention to the remarkable fight in the James Bond´s "From Russia with Love" (1963). To fix that, I am posting the complete scene few seconds, followed by a nice rerun - much longer, of course, produced by Fighting Style (video 063 with Maia and Melina as the gipsies).

As you should know, Bond´s movie was directed by Terence Young, certainly a fan of female fights, as some other movies from him ("Le Guerriere Dal Seno Nudo" (1973) and "The Poppy is also a Flower" (1966)) show that catfights were featured whenever possible. And well directed! Could you imagine what could he have done as a female fighting producer in our days?

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