Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sub-genre #21

Why not a fight inside a barn on a farm? In a cozy place full of bales of hay? That is the scenario chosen by Electra and CeeCee, typical farm girls (lol), to battle for real in a violent catfight, sparing no damage to the opponent´s hair. The video is from BitchFight UK.


  1. woooo!!!
    well these girls had a superb staredown at the start - i've seen that in pics,...can u post that staredown clip if u have?

  2. brilliant catfight!
    i had seen the pics before. they did a beautiful sexy stare-down at the beginning,..if u have the clip of that stare-down, please do post!

  3. electra sure gave cee cee also known as star quite a beating here. electra was vicious and star could not cope with her aggressiveness.