Thursday, August 11, 2011

Almost Twenty Years Later...

... "Toys From Hell" (1992), from California Wildcats, arrives on this Blog; with Jsae at her prime against Melinda, it is still worth watching.



  1. you better believe this is worth watching!! Love to see jasae with her gorgeous tits in action! I would like the readers/viewers to take special note of segments 1:25-1:40 and 2:03-2:08. Great breast to breast action here! I think our captain may have edited out a few seconds of breast pin in the latter segment? maybe not. It's been a long time. But if you did, please put it back! In future, I hope our captain can post some of Jasae's sexy work at Napoli ("EAST meets WEST" and "WHo is teaching Who" for example). I have seen her work at video sports, prefer to see Napoli videos. Thanks! Love videos where Jasae overpowers her opponents breasts with hers! You know Jasae enjoyed her work!

  2. Great feedback, my friend. I guess Jasae (along with Desi de Angelo) was her preferred "battle name" and not Jsae - that she used few times.

    Yes, the Blog editor crew cut too much and I will remedy that asap. The other Napoli movies where she appeared are not available in the archives right now but I will look after them.

    Thanks for the comments!


  3. I know Jsae & Melinda also fought in another CW vid "If You Can't Stand The Heat" (although jsae refers to her as Julie) does anyone know if the sexy aussie blonde made any other appearances?