Monday, August 1, 2011


BofB stands for best of the boobies matches. And we certainly have a winner on DWW MOVIES-826 with Nina, Lucille and Pamela in a round-robin tournament where the main asset is on the breast power. The production has also nudity and powerful staring down scene between the beauties: what else you want?


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  1. now your talking!! please post more of this stuff--breast to breast action! I am still waiting for you to post that scene from california wildcats where Jasae"s tits are coming down on her opponent's shoulder/tit area in "Toys from Hell"; but maybe you can't post it because of copyright business. Like to see you get into posting pics of celebrities where you get pics side by side as if they are staring each other down, and the pics have each of them showing cleavage. Keep up the good work!!!