Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seven Minutes Of Beef

That is the duration of the video below with selected muscle fighters, containing: Monica vs Cleo, for SheWrestles, unknown vs unknown, for unknown (likely Mass Muscle) and, the very best one (what a skin color!), with Lindsey vs Viviana (the artificially enhanced boobies in both fighters are a minus...) for Utopia.



  1. I think the lady wrestling Lindsay Mulinazzi in the final segment is in fact Vivienne Requena.

  2. I think wrestling FBBs are awesome

  3. Too bad there were no doublehead or doublebodyscissors in the match between Lindsay Mulinazzi and Viviana Requena. There was a segment where legs were intertwined around each other. They were ass cheek to ass cheek at one point. They had to be turned on at that point.