Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sub-genre #11

Another female fighting variation, this time incorporating another sexual fetish: foot-worship. The two combatants will fight using the usual wrestling moves but in some moment they will resort to one feet or both to help submitting the foe. 

The first video below is from FootModeMovies (site off-line presently) and the second from Gi-Feet Girls. This later one seems to be a spin-off of Monica´s Wrestling and have the girls using BJJ-like holds (semi-competitive, though). For the curious minds, Gi is the name of the clothing used in BJJ combats, similar to kimonos.


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  1. I really liked that second clip. The blackbelt is Ina Block (sp?), a legit sambo fighter and the other woman is Orsi (not sure which one :)