Friday, August 26, 2011

Tapping Out (26): Barbara Finds Her Match

In the DWW A-2002 tournament, the well known Linda is no match to the powerful Barbara, with her formidable flesh and bone structure: a painful (and rare) submission by a half boston crab will get the brown hair woman a fall. She will feel her own medicine against Daniela - yet more powerful, who will put Barbara to tap out with an also painful camel clutch.



  1. is this the same Linda who has frequently fought for APL?

    I also have never seen a Boston Crab succesfully used in a submission match - it seems genuinely painful.


  2. No, she isn't the same Linda: this one is more powerful.

  3. Beutifully applied camel clutch submission.Lovely classic hold for catfighters which usually produces a fine result especially if the submission is the decider and the struggle is extended.