Saturday, September 17, 2011

100% Competitive

The other day I mentioned the competitiveness issue, that is, how to evaluate the fighters engagement and skills towards winning the bout with no compromises but the rules. using my "scientific balanced scale", I would classify these fights from The Amazon Club - TAC, as 100% competitive: just look at the grinding teeth, red faces and anger of those fighters. By the way, we have below Alessandra vs Lala, Karine vs Zambia (two outstanding fighters) and again Karina vs Anne Hurricane.

If I am not mistaken, TAC does not exist anymore (or have been incorporated by another producer).



  1. TAC was another of those rather loose offshoots of the DWW outfit,around the same time HWW and Amazon Ann appeared,all of whom used most of the same girls and all of whom seem to have died the death despite looking quite promising.


  2. There's a clip of a Zambia - Valentina match on YT. Zambia is very aggressive but was no match for Valentina's (repeateded) body scissors.

  3. Anyone have TAC videos for trade? Was not able to get any of their matches on the site before closed down.