Thursday, September 15, 2011

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (11)

When they were younger they used to be more ... exposed, let´s say. Just watch Ana Paula Leal - wrestler and APL´s owner, in her early times against Cathy (two fights), Sharon, Maggie and Robin. The very first segment is the most revealing I have found about Ana.



  1. APL has some decent stuff, personally Ana C vs. Daniela is one of my favorites. Daniela is amazingly hot.

  2. Ana is (was?) a great wrestler. She claimed never to have lost a competitive match and was also one of the first companies to allow the use of joint locks and chokes (fitting since Ana was a world-class judoka I think).

    Someone told me onceshe did some matches for DWW very early on?


  3. Any image with Ana fighting for DWW, sporting small hair braids, would be appreciated...

  4. Anyone knows, what happened to Daniela? She was very hot, love her match with Ana C, she really dominatated her opponent.