Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blondes In The Gas Station

Don´t be fooled: the two voluptuous blondes are in fact fighting in a apartment. The post title comes from a thorough oil check performed about 01m45s in the video playback. This a vintage production - probably from Crystal Films, and image quality is bad. However, there are other good moments in the brawl: vision of nice breasts and revealing positions, matchbook holds, wedgies and face sittings: it is porn, ultimately...

This video is one of the reasons Google does not allow advertising in this Blog...


  1. Did she seriously put her whole fist in there? Wasn't expecting to see that. lol

  2. Yes, we fans are always being surprised by women wrestlers...

    As to the reality of the act, no one can be sure,but the two women.. (lol)