Friday, October 14, 2011

Competition Risks

All fully competitive fights face the same risk: they can become real boring to watch. That is the case of these two potential good bouts. The first, from Female Muscle World,  features the beautiful Lisa Cynkin (sporting one of the sexiest costumes I have ever seen) against Quiche and the second, from Crush Wrestling, has Monica vs Kimmie (both with thighs solid as sequoia trunks). What is the problem? they fight for real and the combats get stalled. We are left to appreciate the bodies.



  1. Actually, the competitive category is at the top of the list for my likes. Have to say, yeah, there might be the risk but not in these 2 really good clips. Even if there is a "stall" during the event, I think it makes for more appreciation and admiration, imho. Don't find 'em boring at all. Really good.

  2. I agree with that post. Real competitive is really cool, but most of it is spent on the ground, face to face. Esthetically, it’s NOT satisfying.
    To me, the best fights are staged, but the intensity of the emotion is there, palpable. Is it just good acting? Who cares. Dexter is just acting, and so is Hank Moody. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the shows, and there’s never a moment where I think, “hey! He’s NOT killing this guy for real.” A guy on my website called it the suspension of disbelief, and it’s necessary to enjoy any fiction—whether a film, a TV show, a play...or a wrestling match.